Main results and outputs

During the project run-time a joint tourist attraction was designed and developed - a cross-border service package of creative adventure learning with mobile devices - SmartZoos. The SmartZoos service package allows zoo visitors to play location-based games in all partner zoos (Helsinki Zoo, Tallinn Zoo, Skansen).

The service package has received a positive feedback from the users (see report 1 and 2) and has a potential to turn the zoo visits more interesting and attractive, inviting the zoo guests to continue their games in other zoos of the Central Baltic region. We can report that the service package has currently registered 703 users (although the games can be played without registering) with different games played around 2200 times. The project’s main impact is related to education. The zoo partners use the SmartZoos service package for educational purposes (both for preplanned activities and for a random visitor). For zoo education centres the SmartZoos service package provides an option to make their training programmes more interesting and engaging for children as well as for their parents.

In addition, the SmartZoos project created a stronger link between three zoos, mainly on the level of education and training programmes.

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