Final event and introduction of results

Jun 6, 2018

Final event

SmartZoos project and the developed toolset was introduced to the invited guests at Tallinn Zoo.

Final event

Project final event

May 28, 2018


Project status update

Aug 31, 2017


User studies with several school classes have been performed at Skansen.  In this picture school children are studying paper maps of Skansen, working out how to match them to the maps on their mobile phones and the surrounding area.


The July 2017 version of the user interface.  The player has correctly answered a question at Skansen and is shown an arrow indicating how to get to the next closest question.


Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro of Södertörn University delivers a presentation of the SmartZoos project at the ICALT 2017 conference.

SmartZoos service package introduced at eVent 2017 eVent

May 25, 2017

SmartZoos service package introduced at eVent 2017 eVent -  a digital innovation day at Tallinn University took place again, in May 24th 2017. This time it was the biggest in terms of number of participants and projects presented. Gerti Pishtari, a PhD student working on the SmartZoos project got the opportunity to show the service package what the development teams in Tallinn University and Södertörn University have been working on.

SmartZoos people met in Södertörn University

Apr 24, 2017

The SmartZoos team got together again in April 24th 2017. This time we visited Södertörn University. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss in detail the design and functionalities of the SmartZoos service package.